~ ... And the Dying is Easy

~ Cooked to Death Volume 1

~ Cooked to Death Volume 2

~ Cooked to Death Volume 3

~ Crime a la Carte

~ Criminal Appetites

~ Deadly Morsels

~ Death and a Cup of Tea

~ Death Dines at 8:30

~ Death Dines In

~ Food, Drink and the Female Sleuth

~ Garlic, Mint, and Sweet Basil: Essays on Marseilles, Mediterranean Cuisine, and Noir Fiction

~ Gingerbread Cookie Murder

~ The Gourmet Crook Book

~ Happy Homicides 6:  Cooking Up Crime

~ The Killer Wore Cranberry

~ The Killer Wore Cranberry:  A Second Helping

~ The Killer Wore Cranberry:  Room for Thirds

~ The Killer Wore Cranberry:  A Fourth Meal of Mayhem

~ The Killer Wore Cranberry:  A Fifth Course of Chaos

~ Murder Most Delectable

~ Murder Most Delicious

~ Murder on the Menu Volume 1 (Edited by Peter Haining)

~ Murder on the Menu Volume 2 (Edited by Peter Haining)

~ Murder on the Menu (edited by Carol-Lynn Rossel Waugh)

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~ Through the Glass Darkly:  13 Tales of Wine and Crime

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